Terms of Sales

Online shop of www.maisonbruyere.fr was created and is managed and operated by Maison Bruyere company. Any order made on the mentioned online shop implies that the buyer has read and agrees with the present terms of sale. Therefore, the buyer acknowledge that his approval of the present terms of sale does not require signing this document for the buyer will make an online purchase on the online shop www.maisonbruyere.fr .

The buyer may save or edit the present terms of sale but doing so does does not imply Maison Bruyere’s responsability in any way. The online shop set up by Maison Bruyere displays the following:
– Legal notice stating detailed information about Maison Bruyere
– Display of the main features for every product for sale
– Mention of the prices in Euros and if applicable, delivery fees
– Mention of payment and delivery information
– Right to withdraw consent
– Period of validity for prices
– Shipping time

The buyer declare being legally capable and able to commit and be responsible to commit and comply with the following Terms of sale.

Article 1 : Entire agreement
The present terms of sale represent the entire obligations for all parties. The buyer is considered to unconditionally accept the entire mentions present in the current terms of sale. No other terms of sale or document shared by the buyer can complete or replace the current terms of sale.

Article 2 : Object
The current terms of sale define the rights and obligations of all parties within the online shopping made by the buyer from the Maison Bruyere site.

Article 3 : Contractual documents
The present contract is formed by the following contractual documents, presented by order of importance : the present terms of sale, the order form. In case the information contained within the documents would differ, the information within the most important document would prevail.

Article 4 : Commencement date – duration
The present terms of sale are being enforced as of the payment confirmation for the order. The present terms of sales are enforced for the necessary time until order treatment is complete (delivery), until extinction of guarantees due by Maison Bruyere.

Article 5 : Electronic signature
Approval of order payment by the buyer accounts for an electronic signature, which has among parties the same value as a hand signature.

Article 6 : Order confirmation
Contractual information will be confirmed by an email, which will be sent at the latest at order shipping.

Article 7 : Transaction proof
Electronic data saved by Maison Bruyere within reasonable conditions will be considered as transaction proof, communication proof, order proof and payment proof that happened between parties. Records are saved on a reliable support and can be used as proof if needed.

Article 8 : Product information
8-a : Maison Bruyere displays via its internet site products to be sold and information in agreement with Article L 111-1, L112-1 à L112-3, L221-5 of the French Consumption Code (Code de la consommation), that allows the buyer to know the main features of the product that is sold, before purchase the product.
8-b : Offers showed by Maison Bruyere are only valid until stocks last.

Article 9 : Price
Indicated prices are mentioned in Euros and including taxes. They are valid from time of order confirmation by the buyer. They do not include delivery fees, which are added and showed before order confirmation. Prices include taxes that are applicable the day of order confirmation. Any change in taxes value will be automatically applied on online shop products. The entire payment has to be made at order confirmation on the online shop. For no reason and at no time payment can be considered as a down payment or deposit.
List of prices (including tax) per kilo, established in 2018: 01BAC130G 26.15€ ; 01BAC500G 28€ ; 01BAC50G 56€ ; 01BAC90G 38.88€ ; 01C250G 30€ ; 01C300G 30€ ; 01C500G 28€ ; 01C50G 56€ ; 01C90G 38.9€ ; 01CCBS120G 29.2€ ; 01CCBS150G 23.3€ ; 01CCBS500G 28€ ; 01CCBS80G 35€ ; 01CN500G 28€ ; 01CN50G 56€ ; 01CN90G 38.9€ ; 01CV100G 34€ ; 01CV300G 30€ ; 01CV60G 46.7€ ; 01CV90G 38.9€ ; 01N180G 18.9€ ; 01N1KG 14€ ; 01N80G 35€ ; 02C170G 22.9€ ; 02C1KG 16€ ; 02E170G 22.9€ ; 02E1KG 16€ ; 03B110G 36.4€ ; 03B280G 32.1€ ; 03BCH110G 30.9€ ; 03BCH120G 29.2€ ; 03BCN500G 25€ ; 03BCH80G 35€ ; 03FC110G 30.9€ ; 03FC500G 25€ ; 03FC80G 35€ ; 03FC120G 28.3€ ; 03FCA500G 25€ ; 03FCA70G 40€ ; 03FCO110G 30.9€ ; 03FCO500G 25€ ; 03FCO80G 35€ ; 04AMC160G 24.4€ ; 04FCL80G 36.3€ ; 04FPH80G 36.3€ ; 04NOF160G 24.4€ ; 05MAV80G 42.5€ ; 05MAV50G 56€ ; 05MAV300G 30€.

Article 10 : Payment Method
To pay for the order, the buy can chose among several methods of payment showed at time of order and on the payment method page. The buyer guarantees to Maison Bruyere that he owns the possibly required authorizations to proceed using the chosen payment method. Pour régler sa commande, le consommateur dispose, à son choix, de l’ensemble des modes de paiement visés lors de la commande et dans la page Modes de paiement. Maison Bruyere has the right to put on hold any order or delivery in case of denied authorization (from legal official institutions) for payment by bank card or check, or in case of no-payment. Maison Bruyere has the right to refuse to handle an order or accomplish a delivery for a buyer that would not have entirely paid a previous order or that is subject to ongoing payment issues or that made before fraudulent payment.

Article 11 : Product availability
Order will be shipped as early as possible and at the latest within 4 working days from order reception day. If an ordered product is unavailable, the buyer will be rapidly informed and will have the choice to either cancel the unavailable product (partial refund), modify the order (total amount modified) or cancel entirely the order (total refund).

Article 12 : Delivery Methods
Products will be delivered to the address provided by the buyer in the section « billing/delivery address ». Delivery to a different address is possible by ticking the box « deliver to a different address » and specifying the address.
The buyer has to check integrity of products upon delivery and to report within 48hrs upon reception any damages due to transportation or to Maison Bruyere
We offer several Delivery methods:

  • Pick up at the factory
    Pick-up at the factory is free of charge. It happens in our factory outlet shop from Monday to Friday (closed on holidays) from 8h30 to 17h30.
    You will receive an email when your order is available. Please allow on average one or two days after order and payment reception. Please send us an email to confirm your day pick up.
    Order pick up is available for order which billing address is located in nearby departments (areas) : Tarn (81), Ariège (09), Aude (11), Aveyron (12), Haute-Garonne (31), Hérault (34), Lot (46), Tarn-et-Garonne (82).
  • Delivery at Point relais
    For delivery to mainland France, you can choose to receive delivery at a pick-up location among our partner’s network of over 5000 Pickup locations. This delivery method allows flexibility for a low charge. We will send you an email with shipping date for your order. We will then transfer the package to our logistic partner DPD. Our partner will then send you a text or email to inform you which day your package is available at the pick-up location you chose.
  • Home delivery
    Delivery in mainland France
    For any order to be delivered to mainland France we work with « Predict » service of our partner DPD, part of La Poste group. This service allows a home delivery within a 3 hour time period.
    We will send you an email to inform you about shipping day of the package. We will then transfer the same day the package to our partner DPD. Our partner will then let you choose your delivery day and time by text or on their website www.dpd.fr
    Delivery out of mainland France
    Any delivery outside of mainland France will be handled by Colissimo La Poste. We will send you an email to inform you about shipping date of the package.

Article 13 : Delivery Issues
Any issue related to delivery of your order (missing products, nonconformity, damages, broken produts, etc.) has to be noted on the delivery slip of the transportaion company.
The comment must include : nature of the issue and quantity of issue (if applicable). You must inform Maison Bruyere within 48 hours about any issue related to delivery. Please send an email to : contact@maisonbruyere.fr or call 0563811966.
13-a : The buyer must inform Maison Bruyere within 48 hours about any issue related to the products (order mistake or damages). Any claim received by Maison Bruyere later than 48 hours after order reception will be rejected.
13-b : : Your claim can be made to Maison Bruyere by email (at qualite@maisonbruyere.fr), through our contact form on our internet site or by phone (0563811966) Mondays to Fridays from 8h30 to 16h.
13-c : Any claim that does not comply with the bove rules or not made within the above time frame will be rejected and Maison Bruyere will not be held responsible for it.
13-d : Upon reception of the claim Maison Bruyere will make sure to take it into account and provide you with an answer.
13-e : In case of nonconformity of the product, please send a picture of the packaging, especially batch number and best before date. Maison Bruyere will not accept product return without prior validation. If mistake is made within your order (wrong product), we will make sure a new package with correct order will be sent as soon as possible (after proof check).

Article 14 : Right of wothdrawal
The buyer may withdraw within 24 hours after payment has been submitted and approved.

Article 15 : Force majeure
If execution of the contractual obligation of any party is delayed, disrupted or blocked by a force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, none of the party can be held responsible for this. Will be considered as force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances any event or irresistible circumstance, outside any party’s will, unforeseeable, unavoidable, outside the control of the parties and that cannot be stopped by any of the party, despite reasonable efforts made. The party that suffers from such circumstance must notify the other party within ten days after the day the first party becomes aware of the circumstance. Both parties will discuss the situation within a month, except in case of force majeure, to look at the consequences of the event and find an agreement stating the contractual new terms for the rest of the transaction. If the force majeure situation lasts over 3 months the present terms of sale can be cancelled by the aggrieved party. Are explicitly considered force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, besides the situations usually recognized by court jurisprudence and French law: road blockage or supplying chain blockage, earthquake, fire, storms, flooding, thunder, communication network blockage, internal communication network difficulties (outside of the customers).

Article 16 : Partial non validation
If one or more stipulation of this present terms of sale are being held as non-valid or declared so by enforcement of a law, a rule or by final decision given by a court, all other stipulations will maintain a valid status.

Article 17 : Non waiver
If one party does not claim the other for failing to fulfill any of the obligations mentioned in the present terms of sale, then it does not waive the mentioned obligation

Article 18 : Title
In case of difficulty in the comprehension an interpretation of any of these title of paragraphs or any of the clauses within the paragraphs, then it can be declared as invalid.

Article 19 : Applicable law
Present terms of sale are subject to French law. This is applicable for styles and content. In case of dispute or claim, the buyer will first contact Maison Bruyere to reach a friendly settlement. Then, and in case of appeal, the only valid tribunal is the one located in Albi, Tarn, France.

Article 20 : Data protection and freedom of information (French law)
Information that is collected from the buyer are required for processing the order and will NOT be shared with any third party nor used for marketing or promotion.