The company is being built everyday with human values, first and foremost

Passion and savoir-faire

Maison Bruyere is an artisan cookie factory and our savoir-faire is preciously kept. Even though we have improved production tools over 50 years, we are still using lots of hands instead of industrial heavy speed machines. Dough kneading is only partly mechanical, cookies are being removed manually from the oven, and so is case packing and preparation of pallets for shipping.
Hands and eyes of our operators are the most essential component of our business. They allow a very delicate and fine visual control at every step of the production process.
Everyday we confection premium treats so that every food lover can find a cookie that resembles him or her: crunchy, melting, crispy, light, intense, soft, comforting, old fashioned, crumbly.

Love of good food and Tradition

Maison Bruyere was able to take a new look at some traditional recipes but we are also offering a full range of fine cookies and biscuits: sweet or savory, confectioned with nothing but simple, healthy, premium and natural ingredients.