Gourmet Pleaser Gift Box

This set offers a wide range of our sweet traditional recipes. This is the ideal gift box to discover our delicacies or for a present.

Content :

  • A box of Croquants from Cordes 90g
  • A Butter cake baked on a Spit 110g
  • A box of Lemon Cookies 80g
  • A box of Salted Caramel Crisps 70g
  • A box of Vanilla rolled Wafers 170g
  • A box of Curry Crakers with Flax Seeds 80g
  • A box of Crakers with Provence Herbs and Pepper from Espelette 80g
  • A box of Curry Almonds 160g
  • A box of Hazelnuts dipped with Raspberry Vinegar 160g


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Croquants from Cordes : Sugar,  ALMONDS 20%,  WHEAT flour, EGG whites.
Contains egg, gluten and nuts. May contain hazelnuts and milk.

Butter Cake : EGGS, BUTTER (coloring: carotenoids), sugar, WHEAT flour, starch, humectant: glycerol, inverted sugar, rum, baking powder: ammonium bicarbonate, vanillin, bitter almond flavoured.
Contains eggs, gluten and milk.

Lemon Cookies : WHEAT flour, sugar, EGGS, BUTTER (coloring: carotenoids), sunflower oil, starch, baking powder: ammonium bicarbonate, lemon natural flavor 0.2%, salt.
Contains eggs, gluten and milk. May contain nuts.

Salted Caramel Crisps : Sugar, WHEAT flour, EGG whites, salted caramel chunks 5% (sugar, sugar syrup, whole MILK powder, sour CREAM, salted BUTTER 3.6%, seasalt, emulsifier: canola lecithin), ALMONDS, seasalt, dextrose.
Contains egg, gluten, milk and nuts. May contain hazelnuts.

Vanilla rolled Wafers : WHEAT flour, sugar, unhydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut), dextrose, Bourbon vanilla natural flavour 0.2%, salt, emulsifier : SOY lecithin.
Contains gluten and soy. May contain nuts.

Curry Crakers with Flax Seeds : Sugar, cornmeal, BUTTER (coloring :  carotenoids), coconut milk (coconut extract 60%, water), WHEAT flour, EGG yolk, potato starch, flax seeds 4%, sunflower oil, seasalt, EGG whites powder, curry 0.5% (MUSTARD), salt, baking powder : ammonium bicarbonate, emulsifier : SOY lecithin.
Contains eggs, gluten, mustard and soy.

Crakers with Provence Herbs and Pepper from Espelette : Cornmeal, EGGS, sugar, BUTTER (coloring : carotenoids), corn flour, potato starch, WHEAT flour, extra virgin olive oil, seasalt, salt, seasoning herbs from Provence 0.6%, baking powder : ammonium bicarbonate, AOC hot pepper from Espelette 0.3%, pepper, emulsifier : SOY lecithin.
Contains eggs, gluten, milk and soy. May contain hazelnuts.

Curry Almonds : ALMONDS, EGG whites, salt, curry 0.7% (MUSTARD), pepper.
Contains eggs, mustard and nuts.

Hazelnuts dipped with Raspberry Vinegar : HAZELNUTS, raspberry flavoured vinegar 6% (red wine vinegar, natural concentrated raspberry 3%, preservative : potassium METABISULFITE), EGG whites, salt, pepper.
Contains eggs, hazelnuts and sulfite.

GRAY information is intended for intolerant and allergic people.
Dimensions : 35x25x14cm